Saturday, 14 October 2017

Wiretree Explain 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Every Business

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With the advancement in the modern technologies, a single business owner is doing everything to keep his business on the top of the Google results. From the purpose of attracting the high traffic to convert them to sales, a digital arena plays a great role. There is a large number of digital marketing tools and techniques that offer business owners to defeat the high competition and enhance the business growth.

Here are the few reasons that tell that why digital marketing is so important for the business growth:

1. Higher The Conversion Rate

With the help of digital marketing, one can measure the success of his online business and marketing products and services. This is also helpful in improving the conversion rates for your business.

2. Cost Effective

Digital marketing is the cost-effective marketing channel that helps the businesses to reach the customers within the budget limit.

3. Builds Strong Brand Reputation

Besides every brand reputation, your targeted audience plays a great role. Digital marketing services in Toronto helps you in developing a better relationship with your targeted audiences. This also opens the new doors of opportunities for attaining high business growth.

4. Keeps Ahead Of Your Competitors

With a huge competition, it’s difficult for small business to get ahead of challengers. With the use of digital marketing, you can easily monitor the marketing strategies and products that could improve your business.

5. Generates Better Revenues

Higher conversion rates are helpful for the business to experience higher revenues. This allows the small and medium businesses to expand their services locally as well as globally.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How To Convert WordPress Websites into Mobile Apps?

No matter, you are an advanced or novice WordPress website user with an established business, having a mobile app for the existing website is a must. A fully functional app acts as a huge asset that tends to improve the overall reach and target audience for a brand.

Unfortunately, mobile app development in Toronto involves costly investment that asks for thousands of dollars, even for the simple projects. To help deal with this awful situation, an extensive platform i.e WordPress has come up with rich app extendability features.

A Website designing Agency can easily create an app from an existing WordPress site by using various API's. This helps in getting a well designed website and mobile app, that too without involving a costly budget.

Few services that help in creating a mobile app from a responsive website are:

1. AppPresser

If one is looking for a seamless and easy way for creating a smartphone application, AppPresser is one of the best solution. It allows a WordPress site to run on HTML5, iOS and Android platform by involving the use of advance PhoneGap technology.

Other than developing an attractive front-end, AppPresser allows easy access to the WordPress management panel and plugins. Whether one is looking for a simple site, an eCommerce store, or a social app, it offers multiple solutions that are virtually designed to fit any online need. Though it's a free service, one has to host the app on his own expenses. However, there is an annual renewal fee.

2. Mobiloud

Mobiloud is a popular service that allows a Toronto web design company to create both Android and iOS applications with ease. It tends to complete the native code according to the app standards, along with customization options that can be well reached within WordPress CMS.

The key features that make Mobiloud the first choice includes, support for WP user accounts, comments, push notification preferences and offline access for content. It also helps in embedding videos and multimedia posts by integrating the functionalities of JavaScript and HTML5. It is a paid service with an expensive start of $149 per month, though one can also purchase a lifetime license. The customized service it provides is worth the money invested.

3. Wiziapp

Wiziapp is a free testing service that offers both paid and free plans. Similar to the benefits of adding plugins, one can use the provided prompts for customizing the look and feel of the resultant product. To enhance the app functionality, one can insert pop-ups, ad banners and enable the push notifications.

The service price varies from platform to platform. It is free for HTML5 app, but for Android and iOS, it costs $149 and $299 per year respectively. For responsive website design Toronto, one can create a visiting mobile site with a free plan. Along with app development, Wiziapp offers a wide collection of mobile friendly WordPress themes.

These were the few services that can help in developing a mobile app from a WordPress website. WireTree is a premiere web design & development company in Toronto that offers highly reliable and affordable services for WordPress and Mobile app development, along with effective SEO solutions.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

6 Shopping Cart Design Tips for Higher Conversion

With growing online businesses, Ecommerce website development is on a high rise. An impressively designed business site with user friendly functionalities and ease of use is likely to gain more visitors and conversion rates. A sales-oriented and informative shopping cart can create a big difference in the process of online shopping. Designing A cart is not so easy as it sounds, as there are plenty of factors which have to kept in mind before developing an indulging one. Customer needs, desires and preferences should be targeted to offer them a better shopping experience along with higher conversion rates for business.

Design tips to improve shopping cart are:

1. Replace ‘BUY’ with ‘Add to Cart’

Though majority of businesses are practising this concept, others aren't still aware about it. Instead of directly compelling the customer to buy a product, let them place it in a shopping cart, so that it can be bought later. Putting a 'buy now' button may confuse some of the shoppers. Using an ‘Add to cart’ button makes clear that the product will simply be added to the cart.

2. Don’t Display Cart with Every Addition

There are many websites that redirect customers to the shopping cart every time he adds a new item. Though its crucial to let the users know that the product has been added, its not good to kick them away from the product displaying page. An easy solution for this is displaying a simple message 'the product has been added to the cart'.

3. Suggest Related Products

Suggesting new products while customer is in the process of buying an item may confuse and stare him away. Though it's a good idea to highlight products related to the items added in the cart, avoid it to a great extent while one is still in the process of adding goods.

4. Show Savings

Most often the people who engage in online shopping, do good research to find the deals that can save them with money. They do visit competitor stores to compare the cost of an item before actually buying it. To distract customers from visiting other sites, its good if you add ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ prices to show visitors that they are actually saving good money.

5. Show Shipping Information

The most advantageous benefit due to which people choose online shopping is that quick purchases can be made and the goods are delivered at home. Acknowledging visitors about every hidden cost is a best policy. Highlight if there are any shipping charges, if yes, mention it before the product is bought.

6. Add a Wish-list Feature

There are variety of customers for an online website, some of them may do a huge amount of shopping, others may do a small one, while few just browse through to find a dress they would buy later. By adding a ‘Wish-list’ functionality, one can allow visitors to set up a goal which they can fulfill some other time when they have money. Such features can help an online business to win the loyalty of visitors and increase its conversions.

These were the few suggestions that can help in improving Shopping Cart feature of any Ecommerce store. WireTree is a leading digital marketing company that offers a wide range of web design, WordPress and mobile app development solutions in Toronto.

Friday, 24 June 2016

5 Tips to use Google AdWords keyword planner

Keyword research is same like a shot in the dark. But you don’t need to take a tension, because Google makes it possible by providing you a keyword planner tool to search right keywords for your search. Means, you can hit your target in the dark. When it comes to your website traffic, keywords are everything for you.

Google offers us a tool that tell us which keyword is good for our site or which is bad. This tool is called Google Keyword Planner tool. You don’t need to learn any hard recipe to use this tool. Means, anyone can use this tool easily. But before starting, it is important that how to use this tool properly.

1. Access the Google Keyword Planner:
Want to start work with Google Keyword Planner, first you need to have a Google AdWords account. If you don’t have this account, you can create it easily on Google AdWords.
Once you create an account, you can easily find keywords that are relevant to your website.

2. Choose your tool: Google Keyword Planner has three different types of tool that helps you find a list of various keywords.
Search for new keywords and ad group ideas: When you successfully login to Google AdWords, you will see ‘search for new keywords and ad group ideas’ menu that appears a list of various options. With this tool, you can target location, language, negative and positive keywords.
Get a search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups: This tool is used to check the search volume of keywords that you have in your list. This tool is not used to generate new keywords.
Multiple keyword lists to get new keyword ideas: With the help of this tool, you can create different lists of keywords and get the search volume of every single tool.

3. Keyword result page: When you use above mentioned three tools will take you to the keyword result page. You see some targeting and filtering options on this page. You can easily modify your search results by using this page.

4. Get traffic estimate: Google AdWords offer you ‘get traffic estimates for a list of keywords’ feature. You can use this feature to know how much your keywords can generate traffic.

5. Learn about your competitive keywords: You can check competition on your keywords. It can be either low, medium or high. It based on how many site owners bidding on a specific keyword.
Google AdWords Keyword Planner has many other the best features. You can use these tools to find great value keywords for your campaign. This tool is a free, so you can use it on a daily basis to find more and more relevant keywords to your website. To Know more visit WireTree A Web Design and Development COMPANY.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Tools To Recover From Google Penalty

Have you ever been penalized by Google? Here are tools to recover it
You are not only the one who worried getting hit by the Google Penalty. Google has four algorithms named Panda, Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird. Each are known for its different quality. Every year, Google updates these algorithms to improve the ranking of sites. If it find any low quality website during updation, the search engine penalizes it. All of these algorithms have penalized several websites. Some of them have lost visitors and some lost their business.
There is no doubt that these algorithms are harmful for the health of your website, but you can avoid a Google penalty easily. Here are some important tools that help you get out of Google penalty.

Let’s have a look on these tools.

1. Fetch as Google: Fetch As Google is a very useful feature of Webmaster Tool. This tool allows you to check basic error and other issues with your site. This tool has two type Googlebot such as desktop and mobile. You can choose any one from them. You can choose desktop to see how your users browse your site on the desktop. On the other hand, if you want to know how they browse it on their smartphone, choose mobile. You can also see the response time of your server through this tool.

2. Majestic SEO: Bad links are most common reason of Google penalties. Majestic SEO is the very useful tool to clean up bad link profile from your website. It’s just not remove the bad link profile, it also provides the information of other problems.

3. Ahrefs: Ahrefs is just same as the Majestic SEO tool. This is also used to find the bad links on your website. If you have any problem with your anchor text, this is the best tool to point out the problem.

4. Copyscape: If Google suspects that you have a low quality and copied content, it can penalize your website. Copyscape is the only tool that help you find out your content is appearing elsewhere on the internet. This tool is very simple to use.

5. Screaming Fog Web Crawler: To recover a Google penalty, you need to know the exact reason of penalty. Screaming Fog Web Crawler is a very useful tool, it crawls your whole website and find the issues including bad links, duplicate content and other problems.

So, these are some very important tools that help you recover from Google penalties. After getting penalty you lost your ranking on search engines. With the help of these valuable tools, you can get back higher rank. Call us, if you want to know more about Google penalty. Contact Toronto’s Social Media Optimizers.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tips To Enhance The Performance Of Website

There are a lot of people out there who are not happy with the way their website is performing. This can make anyone upset and it is a very natural thing too. 

If we really want to make our website shine out in the online world, we should look out for ways to achieve the same, instead of simply worrying! Most of the owners have no idea that their website lacks some very basic things.

It is important to realize that in order to make our website a perfect one, we have to work on each and every aspect of it. For more information contact with WireTree - Toronto’s Leading Web Design Specialists

Following Are Some Useful Tips & Tricks To Make Your Website Shine Online:-



It is very important that you choose a color for your website that matches with your company’s logo or best goes with your company’s vision and goals!

For stock website template, it is advisable to have a custom color scheme made by experts.


Every company has its special set of typography, which distinguishes it from other companies. It is important that you repeat your typography more often to create an impact of your company’s style and also give your brand a particular style.

Images & Audio-Visual

The images you choose for your website should be related to your company in some way or other. Also, don't put any kind of videos or audio on the website, which does not refer to the company's product or image.

The About Us Page

An about us page is all about you and your company. It should not include the services or products you offer. Tell them about yourself in a style that matches with your company’s image. Testimonials, success stories etc can help you with the same.


A 16*16 pixel image also known as a shortcut icon, is an important part of branding. This makes it easier for the users to navigate, especially through the bookmark review or any other website link to open.


Organized Content

It is very important that the visitors find the navigation easy and doesn't get lost while going from one place to another. Everything on the website should be well organized in order to give its users a hassle free navigation.

Highlighted Layout

The layout of your website should be focusing on the most important contents of your website. Also, try placing the important content above the fold, while rest of them to follow.

White Space

The color white is appealing to the eye and makes a user experience comfortable. This in turn helps users read and understand the content well taking your website one step ahead in making your site more user friendly.

Controlling The Pop-Ups

It is not a good idea to get your website pop-up more than required at the cost of user experience. Also, don't make your logo bigger unnecessarily to gain attention as too much exposure can make it boring.


When you have got your visitor impressed with your design, next step is to make sure they have an easy and hassle free 'call to action'. One should plan things in advance while designing, so that the users have no obstruction in their path.



One should use the headers and sub-headers very carefully as more or less can lead to a confusion. H1 should be only one per page and the subheadings should be placed according to their need.


A website's URL is one of the most important factors in search engine optimization. One should choose the URL depending on the search engines as it will help in a higher ranking.

Sitemap.xml File

A website is ranked higher in searches when it keeps on updating its posts and content. This is the reason one should go for a XML Sitemap as it really helps to place your website higher in SEO rankings.

No More Frames

There was a time when frames were not a hurdle during the page searches. Now, there is a lot of competition out there and frames restrict the search engines to crawl the pages well.

Speed It Up

Every user wants to visit a website which opens up fast and this factor also counts a lot in search engines. Try to keep your code light, images minimum and extensive use of cache for a better speed.

Go For HTML5

Nowadays designers are using the HTML 5 coding to make website. This helps a website to perform well in the searches. Also, try to use schema as it helps the search engine in better understanding of your website.

Sectional Layouts

The layout of your website should have sections for header, footer, content and so on. It is recommended to use the sections to the left or right of the content used.

Easy Header Navigation

Header does most of the job of a web page and this is the reason it should be used carefully. Try to have navigation options in header for each of the page, limiting to three links.

No Grammatical Errors

It is not a nursery school, where you can make spelling and grammatical mistakes. A user can get really annoyed if there are spelling or grammatical mistakes and will directly affect the image of your company.

Easy Content

Your content should be easy to read in the first place and to understand. Long paragraphs without the use of any header, sub headers or bullets appeal boring to the eyes and is likely to get skipped.

Write For The Common man

Your website’s content is not meant to take part in the writing contest where you use too high vocabulary. It should be written in a simple language which is easier for most of the people to understand.



The content of your website should be high in quality. It should depict a vast knowledge and exposure to the topic. Also, try to use facts along with your statements to make it more appealing.


It is very important to write consistent content for your websites. Not only will this make users come back for a fresh content but also help in the SEO rankings. An updated website is always ranked higher in searches.


Your content should be relevant to the products and service you have to offer. It should not be written out of space but keeping in mind the targeted audience.

Get Them Engaged

Your content should get your users engaged to your website. The simple way of doing this is by writing according to them, which will let them take interest in it. This will lead to people sharing and discussing it socially!

The Keyword Mastery

Targeted Keywords

It is very important to use the right keywords for your website as it will help in the search engine optimization. Your content should be written keeping the targeted keywords in mind. Also, try to include the most likely keywords people are likely to use in their searches.

Restrict To 1 or 2 Keywords Per Page

It makes no sense to use a long list of keywords for a better ranking. Using too many keywords can reduce the quality of your content and will also not be able to compete well with other websites.

Keywords Mapping

It is important that you put your keywords to actual content while making web pages. A plug-in like word press seo can be a great help in tracking the keywords for a better text placement.

No Stuffing
There should be no keyword stuffing as it can lead to a negative impression amongst users. When you try and throw so many keywords at the start of a page, instead of ranking higher in the searches, it bounces back in no time!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Work On Title Of The Page

The H1 title holds quite importance when it comes to SEO rankings. The title should be concise, giving explanation of the content but also using keywords for a better SEO ranking.

Keyword Rich URL

Your URL is a great tool in making your website rank higher in the searches. URL's with relevant keywords can work wonders when it comes to making your website rank higher in SEO.

Meta Descriptions

Meta description is a great way to engage the visitors. It starts with a keyword or phrase which is so appealing and indulging, that the visitor goes through the whole content. Make sure to use different keywords for different descriptions.

Social Media Participation

Social Icons

Your website should have social connections like twitter, face-book etc. Just placing them on the site is not enough as a proper placement is necessary to catch the eye of the visitor. Make sure to regularly update your social accounts.

Pick The Right Social Account

There are a lot of social accounts available online but one should choose only those accounts which are relevant to the content of your website. For eg. Linkedin and Twitter are an apt choice for business to business websites.


It is very important that you regularly update the content of your social accounts and share it across all platforms. You should even ask others to share your content, which will help you in getting maximum coverage for your website.

Communicate & Engage

A social account is a great way to connect to your targeted audience. One should regularly communicate with its users and engage them in the products and services you have to offer. An effective communication can really attract a lot of customers.


Responsive Design

Your website should have a responsive design which will make your website accessible across all mobile devices. Most of the people are opening the websites on their phone itself. So, it makes sense to get a responsive design for the same HTML.

Device Rendering

You might not be aware of the fact that your website might be working differently on various devices. Have a device rendering test to make sure it is working hassle free across all devices including tablets.

Vertical Over Horizontal Layouts

When it comes to opening a website on laptop or computer, a large image with text is easy to open with a horizontal layout. The problem arises when we try to open it on the mobile since it adapts to a vertical layout much better.

No More Flashes

Flash became quite popular when it came but not anymore. Now, it hardly works well with the search engines and also doesn't get supported by a lot of mobile phones including iPhones.

Avoid Doing These

Similar Content Versions

If you will keep on producing similar versions for your existing content, the search engines will treat it as a duplicate content and will not consider it an update. Thus, making your website rank lower.

Low Quality Content

It makes no sense to write content without thinking and placing it on the web pages. A dis-organized and low quality content can irritate the customer, making him leave the website within seconds.

No Copying Please

When you try to copy content from other websites, it degrades the value of the content. Also, it makes a website vulnerable to penalty for copying content from someone without permission.

Too Many Ads

When a user is excited and looking forward to read the content, a lot of ads can really upset a user, making him leave the very moment. It is good to make profits out of ads but not at the cost of losing your users!


If you think you are clever enough to do cloaking and get away, think again. Displaying different content to search engines can get your site banned. One should compete creatively but in the right spirits!

Take Professional Help!

If you are not being able to manage your website on your own, it is advisable to take some professional help for the same. Wire Tree has an experienced and passionate team of developers who will make your website shine out in the online world.  Contact WireTree Website design Experts in Toronto.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Five Dangerous Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt Search Engine Optimization

As you know SEO is the most important for your website to get a higher rank on search engines. There are millions websites available on the internet and perhaps thousands of sites made in a single day. There is no doubt that building a website is not an easy task, but the real challenge is creating an SEO friendly website.
Sometimes a web designer makes some mistakes that ruin your search engine optimization. Just imagine, you have good looking and attractive website, but you fail to get the highest rank of your site. It is the clearest sign that your web designers done few web design mistakes that responsible for lower ranking. Web designer and developers in Toronto to discuss about these few common mistakes. Let’s take one look on these mistakes.

1. Poor keywords: As you know keywords are important for effective SEO. You can get the help of various keyword search tools including Google AdWords Keyword Tool to search effective keywords for your search. Searching right words is just half of the battle. Upload these words in the right places is also important.

2. Images instead of important components: How many images are there on your website? Using images on your website is a good idea but use them without content is a big mistake. You can use text over image technique with Cascading Style Sheets.

3. Pop-ups: Sometimes designers uploaded pop-ups on their site and try to compel user to subscribe. It’s not a good idea to get the attention of users. Visitors fed up very easily with more and more pop ups and move on from the website. Obviously, if user will not stay on your site, it affects your site’s rank.

4. An elegant 404 page: Sometimes users enter broken or wrong URL by mistake and as a business owner, you do not want to lose your first visitor. In such situation, you need a memorable 404 error page. This page consists a link that gets back your visitors on your website homepage. So, tell your developers uploaded at least one back link to your homepage.

5. Page speed: Downloading speed of web pages is very important. How much time spend by a visitor on your site is decided by uploading speed of pages. If your web pages take too much time for downloading, you can ask your designers to save the uploading time.

Search engine optimization executive, web designers and developers need to corporate each other and work in a team for the greatest user experience. If you want to know more about web development and SEO services, you can make a call to WireTree in Toronto.