Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How To Convert WordPress Websites into Mobile Apps?

No matter, you are an advanced or novice WordPress website user with an established business, having a mobile app for the existing website is a must. A fully functional app acts as a huge asset that tends to improve the overall reach and target audience for a brand.

Unfortunately, mobile app development in Toronto involves costly investment that asks for thousands of dollars, even for the simple projects. To help deal with this awful situation, an extensive platform i.e WordPress has come up with rich app extendability features.

A Website designing Agency can easily create an app from an existing WordPress site by using various API's. This helps in getting a well designed website and mobile app, that too without involving a costly budget.

Few services that help in creating a mobile app from a responsive website are:

1. AppPresser

If one is looking for a seamless and easy way for creating a smartphone application, AppPresser is one of the best solution. It allows a WordPress site to run on HTML5, iOS and Android platform by involving the use of advance PhoneGap technology.

Other than developing an attractive front-end, AppPresser allows easy access to the WordPress management panel and plugins. Whether one is looking for a simple site, an eCommerce store, or a social app, it offers multiple solutions that are virtually designed to fit any online need. Though it's a free service, one has to host the app on his own expenses. However, there is an annual renewal fee.

2. Mobiloud

Mobiloud is a popular service that allows a Toronto web design company to create both Android and iOS applications with ease. It tends to complete the native code according to the app standards, along with customization options that can be well reached within WordPress CMS.

The key features that make Mobiloud the first choice includes, support for WP user accounts, comments, push notification preferences and offline access for content. It also helps in embedding videos and multimedia posts by integrating the functionalities of JavaScript and HTML5. It is a paid service with an expensive start of $149 per month, though one can also purchase a lifetime license. The customized service it provides is worth the money invested.

3. Wiziapp

Wiziapp is a free testing service that offers both paid and free plans. Similar to the benefits of adding plugins, one can use the provided prompts for customizing the look and feel of the resultant product. To enhance the app functionality, one can insert pop-ups, ad banners and enable the push notifications.

The service price varies from platform to platform. It is free for HTML5 app, but for Android and iOS, it costs $149 and $299 per year respectively. For responsive website design Toronto, one can create a visiting mobile site with a free plan. Along with app development, Wiziapp offers a wide collection of mobile friendly WordPress themes.

These were the few services that can help in developing a mobile app from a WordPress website. WireTree is a premiere web design & development company in Toronto that offers highly reliable and affordable services for WordPress and Mobile app development, along with effective SEO solutions.