Tuesday, 18 October 2016

6 Shopping Cart Design Tips for Higher Conversion

With growing online businesses, Ecommerce website development is on a high rise. An impressively designed business site with user friendly functionalities and ease of use is likely to gain more visitors and conversion rates. A sales-oriented and informative shopping cart can create a big difference in the process of online shopping. Designing A cart is not so easy as it sounds, as there are plenty of factors which have to kept in mind before developing an indulging one. Customer needs, desires and preferences should be targeted to offer them a better shopping experience along with higher conversion rates for business.

Design tips to improve shopping cart are:

1. Replace ‘BUY’ with ‘Add to Cart’

Though majority of businesses are practising this concept, others aren't still aware about it. Instead of directly compelling the customer to buy a product, let them place it in a shopping cart, so that it can be bought later. Putting a 'buy now' button may confuse some of the shoppers. Using an ‘Add to cart’ button makes clear that the product will simply be added to the cart.

2. Don’t Display Cart with Every Addition

There are many websites that redirect customers to the shopping cart every time he adds a new item. Though its crucial to let the users know that the product has been added, its not good to kick them away from the product displaying page. An easy solution for this is displaying a simple message 'the product has been added to the cart'.

3. Suggest Related Products

Suggesting new products while customer is in the process of buying an item may confuse and stare him away. Though it's a good idea to highlight products related to the items added in the cart, avoid it to a great extent while one is still in the process of adding goods.

4. Show Savings

Most often the people who engage in online shopping, do good research to find the deals that can save them with money. They do visit competitor stores to compare the cost of an item before actually buying it. To distract customers from visiting other sites, its good if you add ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ prices to show visitors that they are actually saving good money.

5. Show Shipping Information

The most advantageous benefit due to which people choose online shopping is that quick purchases can be made and the goods are delivered at home. Acknowledging visitors about every hidden cost is a best policy. Highlight if there are any shipping charges, if yes, mention it before the product is bought.

6. Add a Wish-list Feature

There are variety of customers for an online website, some of them may do a huge amount of shopping, others may do a small one, while few just browse through to find a dress they would buy later. By adding a ‘Wish-list’ functionality, one can allow visitors to set up a goal which they can fulfill some other time when they have money. Such features can help an online business to win the loyalty of visitors and increase its conversions.

These were the few suggestions that can help in improving Shopping Cart feature of any Ecommerce store. WireTree is a leading digital marketing company that offers a wide range of web design, WordPress and mobile app development solutions in Toronto.