Friday, 24 June 2016

5 Tips to use Google AdWords keyword planner

Keyword research is same like a shot in the dark. But you don’t need to take a tension, because Google makes it possible by providing you a keyword planner tool to search right keywords for your search. Means, you can hit your target in the dark. When it comes to your website traffic, keywords are everything for you.

Google offers us a tool that tell us which keyword is good for our site or which is bad. This tool is called Google Keyword Planner tool. You don’t need to learn any hard recipe to use this tool. Means, anyone can use this tool easily. But before starting, it is important that how to use this tool properly.

1. Access the Google Keyword Planner:
Want to start work with Google Keyword Planner, first you need to have a Google AdWords account. If you don’t have this account, you can create it easily on Google AdWords.
Once you create an account, you can easily find keywords that are relevant to your website.

2. Choose your tool: Google Keyword Planner has three different types of tool that helps you find a list of various keywords.
Search for new keywords and ad group ideas: When you successfully login to Google AdWords, you will see ‘search for new keywords and ad group ideas’ menu that appears a list of various options. With this tool, you can target location, language, negative and positive keywords.
Get a search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups: This tool is used to check the search volume of keywords that you have in your list. This tool is not used to generate new keywords.
Multiple keyword lists to get new keyword ideas: With the help of this tool, you can create different lists of keywords and get the search volume of every single tool.

3. Keyword result page: When you use above mentioned three tools will take you to the keyword result page. You see some targeting and filtering options on this page. You can easily modify your search results by using this page.

4. Get traffic estimate: Google AdWords offer you ‘get traffic estimates for a list of keywords’ feature. You can use this feature to know how much your keywords can generate traffic.

5. Learn about your competitive keywords: You can check competition on your keywords. It can be either low, medium or high. It based on how many site owners bidding on a specific keyword.
Google AdWords Keyword Planner has many other the best features. You can use these tools to find great value keywords for your campaign. This tool is a free, so you can use it on a daily basis to find more and more relevant keywords to your website. To Know more visit WireTree A Web Design and Development COMPANY.