Friday, 29 April 2016

Five Dangerous Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt Search Engine Optimization

As you know SEO is the most important for your website to get a higher rank on search engines. There are millions websites available on the internet and perhaps thousands of sites made in a single day. There is no doubt that building a website is not an easy task, but the real challenge is creating an SEO friendly website.
Sometimes a web designer makes some mistakes that ruin your search engine optimization. Just imagine, you have good looking and attractive website, but you fail to get the highest rank of your site. It is the clearest sign that your web designers done few web design mistakes that responsible for lower ranking. Web designer and developers in Toronto to discuss about these few common mistakes. Let’s take one look on these mistakes.

1. Poor keywords: As you know keywords are important for effective SEO. You can get the help of various keyword search tools including Google AdWords Keyword Tool to search effective keywords for your search. Searching right words is just half of the battle. Upload these words in the right places is also important.

2. Images instead of important components: How many images are there on your website? Using images on your website is a good idea but use them without content is a big mistake. You can use text over image technique with Cascading Style Sheets.

3. Pop-ups: Sometimes designers uploaded pop-ups on their site and try to compel user to subscribe. It’s not a good idea to get the attention of users. Visitors fed up very easily with more and more pop ups and move on from the website. Obviously, if user will not stay on your site, it affects your site’s rank.

4. An elegant 404 page: Sometimes users enter broken or wrong URL by mistake and as a business owner, you do not want to lose your first visitor. In such situation, you need a memorable 404 error page. This page consists a link that gets back your visitors on your website homepage. So, tell your developers uploaded at least one back link to your homepage.

5. Page speed: Downloading speed of web pages is very important. How much time spend by a visitor on your site is decided by uploading speed of pages. If your web pages take too much time for downloading, you can ask your designers to save the uploading time.

Search engine optimization executive, web designers and developers need to corporate each other and work in a team for the greatest user experience. If you want to know more about web development and SEO services, you can make a call to WireTree in Toronto.