Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How To Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

If you run a WordPress website, you should know about its security and protect your website from hackers. If once your website is hacked, several bad things can damage your website's reputation. You can lose many things including your website information, money, customers and traffic. Here are some tips provided by WordPress developers in Toronto and these tips help you to protect your WordPress site from hackers. Following these simple and relatively steps will go long to protect your website from potential threats.

1. Change Username:
The first thing hackers will try to find the username. Admin is the default username when you create a WordPress Website Developer. Lot of people keep this username and avoid to take new user name. If you one of them, you are wrong and you openly give the invitations to hackers. So, if you make this mistake, improve it immediately. Delete your username if it is "admin" and use any strong username for your account.

2. Use Strong Password: As you know safety comes first. Your WordPress website safety is depends on your account password. If you set a weak or common password for your account, hackers can guess it easily. Avoid the use of common password which are easily guessed like anniversaries, date of birth or mobile number. Try to use an entire sentence that makes sense and you can remember it easily.

3. Keep Your WordPress Up To Date: It is crucial to keep your WordPress files, plugins and themes up to date. Make sure you update a new version of WordPress time to time. Also update latest version of plugin and themes you use. If you are afraid to update a new version due to lost some old themes, you can take a backup before updating.

4. Delete Unnecessary Plugins And Themes: It is a best to remove unwanted plugins and themes. Outdated version of themes, plugins and WordPress are most common ways of hacked sites. Once if hackers enter to your site, it is very difficult protect your site from them.

These given above tips will go long to protect your WordPress site from hackers. If you notice your site behaving is unusual manner, you can consult an expert of WordPress developer in Toronto. To speak with WireTree experts in Toronto, you can make a call on 416-907-0561.