Monday, 29 February 2016

Six Places To Put Your Keywords On Your Website

Search engine optimization play a most important role to get the successful online business or website. You should aware, how to insert keywords on your website while you using SEO for your site. Because keywords play an important to bring traffic or visitors on your website. There are various different places on your website where you can put keywords according to your product and services. Once you searched keywords for your site, insert them into right place to get relevant result. Here is a list of that places where you can put your keywords.

1. Title Tags: Let's start from the header section of the website. Title tag is that place or section which is scan first by the search engines. Don't be confused between page title and title tag. Title tag is show on search engine page in bolded blue text when you search something.

2. Meta Description Tag: Same as title tag, keywords are also insert in meta description tag. In header section of website, many hidden meta tags includes and only search engines can see them. These are appear only on that time when you search you keyword. When you type a keyword in search engine, it will shows you various results related to your keyword. You can see meta description tag by looking the text below the link. Remember, you have limited words to write description that is 150. So try to adjust your keyword in this limited length to get your keyword on search engine page. Otherwise search engine pick first 150 character and the rest of description is useless.

3. Put In H1 And H2 Tags: H1 and H2, both tags are important, specially H1 tag is shown on the top of website's page. Give different heading tag to each page and try to insert your keywords in it.

4. URLs: Avoid too long and messy URL, take URL for your website as less as possible. Add your keyword into URL for particular page. You can insert keyword at the end of the URL. For example You can write in this way.

5. Content: As you know content is king of your website and keywords effect ranking of your website. Means content and keywords both are vital for your website. So, whenever you write content for your website, insert your keywords in it at the right place. Remember one thing, when you insert a keyword into content, do not repeat it every second or third line. Just use your keyword into content three or four times for one page.

6. Image: Image optimization is an important fact to boost your site ranking and make sure you insert keyword in image tag. Use only that keyword which is match with your image.

Now, you have the information about your website places where you can insert keywords. Hope so these tips help you to put keywords on your site. If you have any question or confusion, Wire Tree is here for you. Trained professionals of WireTree always ready to assist you.