Saturday, 22 August 2015

Psychology is the Secret to Great SEO Results

SEO is a complex thing. Many newbies in the world of internet marketing Toronto assume that as long as they follow the guidelines set by search engines, they are on the right track. False! Why? If nobody is buying the products or services from your website, what's the point of SEO?

That is why you need to mesh human psychology with SEO. Sure you must optimize your HTML, URLs, meta details and page attributes but will they give you an upper edge over your competitors in the long run? No. 

How is Psychology related to SEO?

Search engines have SEO rules set in place because they want their users to find the information they are looking for. Marketers on the other hand follow these SEO techniques because they want their target audience to visit their website. One big mistake that marketers make here is – while following the SEO techniques, they often forget to keep their target audience in front of their minds. They blindly set up their website according to SEO guidelines without worrying what their target audience thinks. In fact, search engines themselves highlight the importance of keeping your target audience in mind when creating your website. Psychology relates to SEO if you keep the end user in mind.

So How to Apply Psychology in SEO?

Generate Keywords that Link to Your Target Audience

Keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization. Most internet marketing Toronto companies rely on internet marketing tools to find out the keywords. That is good because it is important to know the keywords that are ranking high in SERP. But can your target audience relate to these keywords? Or are there other keywords that can help you reach your target audience?

You can never find the answers to these questions if you never find your target audience. Understand the psychology of your potential customers to increase traffic on your website.

Have you Designed Your Website with Graphics Keeping Your Target Audience in Mind?

Women like soft colors, such as lavender. Men on the other hand like more basic colors, such as black or blue. Suppose you are selling a product that is targeted towards men only. Is it practical to design your website in colors such as pink and turquoise? 

Communicate with Your Audience. Let them Know You Care!

Nobody appreciates a website that seems to be selfish in its interest. Also, nearly all of us slam doors on faces of crude salesmen. Same goes for a website. Don’t always try to sell your product or service. Give your audience something valuable. Avoid 24/7 sales pitch.

To conclude, keep these factors in mind and you will see a dramatic change in your website traffic. And, if you are still finding it hard to understand the psychology of your target audience, contact WireTree. Our Toronto SEO company designs tactics keeping the end user in mind. Let's chat more about this over phone. Call us now for a FREE consultation.